Heather, Why City Council?

“Why did I decide to run?”

As Rochester is entering its boom, the community is working diligently to attract and retain young and talented people that want to make a life here, grow their business, their career, and their families.

I collaborate with many of these individuals. I relate to the issues and concerns that occur when you are juggling work, perhaps a young or growing family, giving back to your community and attempting to have a little time for self care.

Rochester (like the rest of the country) is nearly split down the middle among women and men. Yet, our City Council of seven representatives, has only one woman. And in the City’s history, there has never been more than one woman serving on the Council at any one time.

As a professional, working woman who loves her community and understands the challenges above, I represent a different perspective that is sorely needed on our Council.

I have the experience and ability to represent the residents of Ward 1 and our City. I have the knowledge and skills to broker conversations that lead to solutions. I have the common sense that is required of such an important position. And I have the passion to serve.

Diversity on the Council

As is appropriate and expected, when I tell people I am running for Rochester City Council, the next question is, “why did you decide to run?” For me, there are a number of reasons; I love this community and am proud to be a part of it. My family and I have called Rochester home for over a decade. Whether through my work in the local media, owning my own advertising business, volunteering, or my current role in regional economic development, I have had the good fortune of working, collaborating with and learning from a number of local leaders throughout the years.

The recent 2018 City of Rochester Residential Survey noted that 96% of residents surveyed rated their quality of life as “excellent” or “good.”

And I hear this quite a bit as I visit with Ward 1 folks. However, Rochester is transitioning into a period of immense growth in the next fifteen years. Our City is diverse and will become more diverse as we grow. Our City is progressive and will become more progressive as we grow.